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ProcessMaster helps you build a better serving agency.
We're the most comprehensive, yet easy-to-use process serving agency management software. Join hundreds of process serving professionals who trust ProcessMaster to manage and grow their agencies.

Everything that matters to your agency.

ProcessMaster offers all you need to run your process serving agency from start to invoice, with powerful features to manage cases, clients, affidavits, reporting, and accounting.

Manage your service requests with ease.

ProcessMaster helps you organize your entire agency. Our revolutionary OneView interface puts every part of your job in front of you. Enter your service request, attempts, invoicing, contractor payment and affidavit all from one screen. Operating quickly and efficiently is easy when everything's accessible in one screen.



Service Request


Works on both Windows and Mac computers

Endlessly customizable forms.

No matter what your client demands ProcessMaster can deliver an affidavit that meets their requests. 

ProcessMaster's turn-key solution

also includes:

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